Against All Odds

In the land of success and triumph, his misery prevails.
Keeps to himself, his woes and sufferings.
A sudden quick flash in his eyes signifies the opportunity he awaits.
But alas, his airplane of dream shatters.
So he runs back to his room; sobs to himself, attenuating himself to the core.
He stops; he isn’t the one who yammers. A believer not skeptic he is.
He’ll be back on his feet to shape a vision he beholds.
To fall while running doesn’t bother him, he’s an object of failures,
A prey to cheat who falls for deception; subject to sweat he’d be chipped to perfection.
With all the qualities he’s now ready to take the world. And with every step he came closer to his dream.
Now at the he’s witnessed his victory, he breaks down. It’s something he can’t describe.
He nurtured his conquest, took pains of all sorts,
Now look where he stands, against all odds.

Against All Odds